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Travel Lessons Learned!

Kamran A. Khawar oversees Product Development, Design and Operational and Legal matters at VinoVue, a technology company that he co-founded in 2011. In his spare time, Kamran A. Khawar is an avid traveler and has learned the art of traveling.

The world is mostly safe
I have never been mugged. And this is not for lack of trying! From Prague, Budapest to Bejing, I have walked alone at night in “dangerous” cities such as these and have not so much as been glared at.

Alone time is good
Alone time, both at home and on the road, is a “processing” period where you subconsciously and consciously decide which elements of your recent experiences are worth holding onto.

Home is where your passion is
I’m currently at my friend’s place outside of Budapest, Hungary.  It’s the seventh time I’ve visited, and I know her family and friends so well I feel like I’m part of their lives. But familiar faces are not a prerequisite for feeling fulfilled or content! The key to overcoming feelings of longing and even nostalgia is finding the things that bring you joy in life in your new surroundings, and getting over the fact that the faces and street plans are different.

Preparing for International Travel

Kamran A. Khawar leads VinoVue, Inc., and has learned a great deal about the wine industry. In addition, Kamran A. Khawar travels internationally frequently.

International travel requires more planning than trips close to home. Therefore, you should prepare thoroughly and make sure that you have all the necessary materials and documents in order before leaving.

For instance, you should make sure that your passport won’t expire in the near future. While the United States may allow a citizen to travel up until the passport’s expiration date, other countries might not allow the visitor to enter if the expiration date is less than six months in the future. Therefore, you should renew your passport in a timely manner before traveling to avoid this potential issue.

As well as finalizing documentation, you should determine how you will make purchases while abroad. If you plan to use credit cards, you should call the credit card companies to alert them of the international travel. Additionally, you should see if the card has a foreign transaction fee. This type of fee can be avoided with certain credit cards, and you might want to get one of these cards if you go abroad frequently, as these fees can add up.