Wine Basics

Kamran A. Khawar oversees Product Development, Design and Operational and Legal matters at VinoVue, a wine and technology company that he co-founded in 2011. In his spare time, Kamran A. Khawar is an avid wine enthusiast and likes to share his wine experiences with friends and colleagues.

Here is an introduction into the basics of how wine is made, from growing the grapes to aging the bottled wine.

Great Wines

Wine is a subjective thing, but there is a wine philosophy about what wine should be and what makes a wine great.

Wine Varietals

Wine is made from only grapes. However, there are hundreds of different grape varietals that vary quite dramatically. Don’t worry, there are only a handful that account for most of the world’s great wines.

Wine Regions

Wine is made in hundreds of regions/appellations throughout the world. However for beginners, one needs to focus on the more famous, common and important wine regions.

Wine Characteristics

The various components of a wine, its color, aroma and flavor, all have unique characteristics you should learn to look out for and recognize.

Wine Tasting Terms

Learn about some of the basics so that you can explain what you are tasting and understand critics and friend’s descriptions.

How to Read Wine Labels

While not every label is the same, as an introduction to wine there are many generalizations we can make that help you to figure out what everything means so that you can tell what style of wine it is, where it is from, who the producer is and other important info.

Wine Vintage

While many of the best wines improve with aging, it need specific conditions to do so and in fact not all wines do improve with age.

Wine Ratings

There are many of wine critics out there who give ratings and scores to wines. What do all these numbers mean and should you pay attention to them? Use them as guides, but learn how to rate wines with your own palette.

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