Hiking made Fun!

Kamran A. Khawar oversees Product Development and Operations at VinoVue, a technology and wine company that he co-founded in 2011. Kamran A. Khawar also likes to likes to hike with family, friends and colleagues. Here are some tips.

Choose the right hike 

Consider distance, elevation and terrain when choosing a hike.

Wear layered clothing

Optimal outdoor clothing protects you from the elements and regulates body temperature while being lightweight, durable and comfortable.

Choose good boots 

There is no substitute for high-quality hiking boots, which provide grip, support the ankles, and take the knocks.

Carry a comfortable backpack

If you’re going to carry a heavy load for long periods, get a backpack with a good harness as this dictates comfort and load-bearing limits.

Pack light 

Be scrupulous in packing as light as possible, especially on long hikes in hilly terrain. Invest in lightweight equipment, and pool anything that can be shared among your group such as cooking equipment.

Eat and drink well 

Food is your fuel, and to keep firing on all cylinders you need to eat well on the trail. Always take more than you need, especially if there’s any chance your trip will take longer than planned.

Pace yourself

Don’t go haring off – walk at a steady pace.

Enjoyable hiking hinges on stamina, not speed. Expect to walk much slower than normal, settling into your natural pace and rhythm.

Navigate carefully 

Unless you’re setting out on easy, well signposted trails, always carry a map as a GPS receiver is useless with no signal or when batteries run out.

Read the weather

Weather conditions have a major bearing on hiker happiness.

Plan for a safe return 

Get off on the right foot by letting someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back so they can raise the alarm if you go AWOL.

Always take at least a basic first aid kit with you.


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