Ways to Work While Traveling

Kamran A. Khawar has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure. He has visited Spain, Italy, France, India and Hong Kong in the last two years alone. As president of VinoVue, Inc., Kamran A. Khawar travels often while working on the road.
In his role, Kamran Khawar hosts numerous tastings with other winery owners and enthusiasts around the world. He has learned to work and travel and has learned a few things while traveling.
Here are a few options he has seen:
1. Teach  
Teach a english abroad.
2. Au Pair 
Take care while overseas. 
3. Contract Work.
Work for a short period of time, season or years. 
4. Customer service
Work at hotels or guesthouses. Also, you’ll meet lots of other travelers!
5. Bartend/ Server 
Service customers and meet locals.
6. Volunteers
Help people.
7. U.S. Department of State
Government work can be satisfying.
8. Work for international company that has offices overseas. 
Meet and live like locals.
9. Work from home. 
Home can be overseas if you feel like it.
10. Graduate education overseas.
Live life overseas domestically.
11. International careers in entertainment.
Plays and tours, play basketball or volleyball overseas.
12. Travel guide. 
Give the gift of travel!
13. Cruise ship. 
Chef, host, skipper, or dancer on a cruise ship?
14. Talent. 
Photographer, adrenaline junkie, videographer, or writer — you could work for a magazine, or just have costs covered by travel companies as a blogger.

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