Comparing Red and White Wine

Kamran A. Khawar has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure. He has visited Spain, Italy, France, India and Hong Kong in the last two years alone. In addition to serving as president of VinoVue, Inc., Kamran A. Khawar supports other wine businesses. In the latter role, Kamran Khawar hosts numerous tastings with other winery owners and enthusiasts.
When it comes to wine, the most basic and familiar categories are white wines and reds. The difference begins with the grapes used to make either variety. Red wine derives, as one might imagine, from darker-colored grapes.

The winemaking process differs between reds and whites as well, as the grapes used for white wine are pressed in such a way that only the juice is included in the fermentation process. On the other hand, the fermentation for red wine includes grape skins, which feature tannins, giving the wine a richer flavor and even certain health benefits when the wine is consumed in moderation. Some can include the lowering of “bad’ cholesterol and an increase in HDL cholesterol levels.


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